“The TalkOut app has helped us to achieve our ultimate goal of reducing attrition, increasing distinction rates and showcasing our programmes as best in class”

Over the past 3-years, we have become one of the largest culinary education providers in the UK. Engaging a diverse range of learners across multiple geographical locations, all progressing at a different pace, whilst exciting this has been one of our biggest challenges. We knew that technology was going to be paramount to our engagement strategy, but social applications were not fit for purpose, and emails, texts and calls were not working for a large percentage of our learners. Until we started working with TalkOut group we hadn’t found a solution.

We started working with the TalkOut team in October 2019, and the experience has been collaborative and supportive since the relationship commenced. We wanted to be able to talk to learners, cohorts and annual intakes individually and as a collective group, the back-end application infrastructure enables us to do this seamlessly by segmenting our learners and support team into audiences. We also wanted to ensure that a segment of the application was solely for the purpose of driving interest and engagement, and the news feed is doing exactly what we needed. The way the feed operates is familiar to our learners who use social media such as facebook and Instagram, so we have not needed to build tutorials or provide lengthy instructions. Because the application feels familiar, it has definitely encouraged our learners to take part, posting pictures and videos from their classrooms, businesses and from home. The flood of high quality food images we have already received has raised internal competition and helped us to showcase the quality of our programmes. Finally, the resources section has enabled the education team and learners to store critical information such as recipes, lesson plans, assessment plans and feedback in one, easy to access place. From a learners perspective, they have told us that they feel that their tutors and colleagues are more readily available, information is easier to access, and they can gain instant feedback on their dishes. This will go a long way in helping us to achieve our ultimate goals of reducing attrition, increasing distinction rates and showcasing our programmes as best in class.

Chris Griffin Head of Culinary Education Mitchells & Butlers