The workplace is a community filled with real people and their realities, just like any other community in the world.

It’s not disconnected from “real life” and humans by nature aren’t unaffected to whatever happens beyond the office walls. Getting up and going to work doesn’t mean we simply forget our real lives leaving them behind as we close our front doors, no, “work life” is simply an extension of who we are – just in a different space.



TalkOut forms part of a wider network of companies, our group is made up of complex internal communities, divided by geography and the added challenge of variations in roles, purpose and function.

This disparity meant that CULTURE AND MORALE FELT FLAT, PROJECTS BECAME STRAINED, PEOPLE STARTED TO WORK IN SILOS AND ENGAGEMENT WAS LOW. This was ultimately impacting the business in both emotional, physical and financial ways.

This amplified our belief that the IMPORTANCE OF CONNECTING TOGETHER in a digital way would ensure our shared vision and values continued to travel through the veins of our network. We knew that the key to success was to BREATHE A FRESH NEW APPROACH THOUGH OUR PEOPLE,
in the form of a digital solution and…

TalkOut was born.


THE HEART OF OUR APP IS THE DIFFERENCE… we are THE FIRST workplace platform that offers Mental Health support through RESOURCES and VR technology. All of our insight and research has highlighted the key to workplace happiness. By being connected, empowered and engaged people truly have a sense of purpose within their role, and positive mental health is the driver


Designed and optimised for mobile first, our app allows your people to communicate in REAL TIME. Quick access enables on boarding quickly and puts your organisation in the hands of your people.


Our app allows you to connect and communicate in a way which is best suited to you. Chat to groups, individuals or whole communities all from one platform.


The user experience is a simple interface based on the familiar social platforms which are part of all our lives. Connecting people in easy, fast and bite sized ways.


TalkOut offers the first workplace platform that offers wellbeing and VR services that connect workforces through innovative technology.


Take a tour of our little app of magic and see how TalkOut can add value in real time at your fingertips. Take the Tour.


Over the past 3-years, we have become one of the largest culinary education providers in the UK. Engaging a diverse range of learners across multiple geographical locations, all progressing at a different pace, whilst exciting this has been one of our biggest challenges. We knew that technology was going to be paramount to our engagement strategy, but social applications were not fit for purpose, and emails, texts and calls were not working for a large percentage of our learners. Until we started working with TalkOut group we hadn’t found a solution…

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The TalkOut app has helped us to achieve our ultimate goal of reducing attrition, increasing distinction rates and showcasing our programmes as best in class.

Being part of an international group presents many communications challenges but since we have implemented TalkOut we have seen a significant improvement. Not only can we COMMUNICATE QUICKLY AND EFFECTIVELY on our work we can also share events and celebrate achievements with our colleagues across the globe which greatly improves relationships and makes the distance seem much shorter

Fran N- Managing Director, Tribera, UK

TALKOUT MAKES OUR HUGE GLOBAL NETWORK FEEL SMALLER bringing everyone closer. It allows us to share important moments, information and news quickly and we can use it anywhere we are and anytime we want.

Tiia Perämaa- Managing Director, Avosylin, Finland

TalkOut has been integral in enabling us to BUILD RELATIONSHIPS AND IMPROVE COMMUNICATION across a number of office bases throughout the UK; it’s also provided us with a much needed platform to provide resources and training across the service both simply and effectively.”

Kieran Darnell- Managing Director, Carter Brown

TalkOut has given me a CLEAR AND SIMPLE INSIGHT into the interesting work of others within The Martin James Group of Companies. Proving to be a great way of communicating and sharing news with others across the network in an easy to use format”

Paul Elliot- Head of Business, Holy Moly Macaroni

TalkOut connects team members with essential messages locally, regionally, nationally and globally. ENABLING COMMUNICATION AT YOUR FINGERTIPS, if you have a smart phone then your team are with you no matter where you are. You can send important updates to multiple audiences at the same time without delay it’s a world of opportunity in your pocket.

Steve Stockley- Managing Director, FosterTalk

What a great comms tool. TalkOut helps colleagues connect and stay in touch with news and information in a fast-moving and extremely busy environment. Its intuitive design helps users who are not technical. It is a classic case of KEEPING THE HUMAN TOUCH IN A DIGITAL AGE.

Greg Hartigan- Managing Director, PragmatiK Resilience

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